Programma XMaths 2020

Lunedì 21 Dicembre 2020
15:00 D. Lonigro (University of Bari): Deviations from the exponential law for a generic quantum observable
15:30 L. Bellino (Polytechnic University of Bari): Mathematical modeling of bio-inspired materials
16:00 F. Chiarello (Polytechnic University of Turin): Multiscale control of generic second order traffic models by driver-assist vehicles
16:30 Coffee break
16:50 F. Pizzichillo (Université Paris Dauphine): Boundary value problems for 2-D Dirac operator on corner domains
17:20 M. Gallo (University of Bari): Fractional nonlinear Schrödinger equations with prescribed mass: story of a particle and its dream of a perfect weight
17:50 J. Schino (Polish Academy of Sciences): When Schrödinger meets Maxwell


Martedì 22 Dicembre 2020
15:00 F. Esposito (John Paul II Oncology Institute, Bari): Nonnegative Matrix Factorization models for knowledge extraction from biomedical and other real world data
15:30 G. Vacca (University of Milano-Bicocca): Virtual Elements for a fluid-structure interaction problem
16:00 M. Rufai (University of Bari): One-step hybrid block method containing third derivatives and improving strategies for solving Bratu’s and Troesch’s problems
16:30 Coffee break
16:50 I. Castellano (University of Milano Bicocca): The Five Ws for totally disconnected locally compact groups
17:20 A. Macchia (Freie Universität Berlin): Realizability problems for convex polytopes
17:50 E. Loiudice (Philipps Universitat Marburg): How to construct all metric f-K-contact manifolds
18:20 D. Di Pinto (University of Bari): Some global results on the submanifolds of Sasakian manifolds
Mercoledì 23 Dicembre 2020
15:00 F. D. Cunden (SISSA): Airplane boarding, longest increasing subsequences and random matrices
15:30 G. Gramegna (University of Bari): Generic aspects of the Resource Theory of Quantum Coherence
16:00 G. Orlando (Technical University of Munich): Frustration in the antiferromagnetic XY spin system on the triangular lattice: a variational analysis
16:30 Coffee break
16:50 C. Sportelli (University of Bari): A minimax approach to a class of gradient-type quasilinear (p1, p2)-Laplacian system
17:20 F. Difonzo (CTU in Prague): A mass conservative quadrature-based scheme for numerical solutions to Richards’ equation
17:50 L. Selicato (University of Bari): Optimization Mechanism in Machine Learning and Data Science
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