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PhD Studentship in Mathematics reserved to foreign students

The University of Bari reserves a studentship position to foreign students for the Doctoral Program in Mathematics. The deadline to apply to this PhD program is December 22th, 2011 h:12,00

For the admission to the Program, the students interested must follow the
instructions specified in "Call for Applications" available at
Call For Applications in pdf.

During their Doctoral studies, the students may visit others Departments in Italy or outside Italy (for at most 18 months) to collaborate and, eventually, prepare their Doctoral theses. In such a period their scholarships will be increased with respect the usual amount.

The length of the program is three (3) years of full-time academic
research. The grant amounts to almost 1100 Euro per month.

The Doctoral Program in Mathematics is centred on an interdisciplinary
perspective. The program covers seven main areas (or curriculum):

1. Analysis;
2. Algebra;
3. Geometry;
4. Mathematical Physics;
5. Probability;
6. Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computation;
7. Mathematics for Finance;

and the students have to work in one of these areas. Candidates are also
expected to complete a thesis within this period.

Applicants are required to have finished an undergraduate program of at
least four years, for instance a Bachelor and Master degree, in the
scientific area of Mathematics or Physics or Computer Science.

Feel free to contact the Coordinator of the Doctoral Program, Prof.
Luciano Lopez, (lopezl@dm.uniba.it) for any reason.

Application deadline is December 22th, 2011 h:12,00

How to apply: Applications should be made using the application form
at Call For Applications in pdf.



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