Scientific Program

The meeting will be devoted to some significant aspects of the contemporary mathematical researches on Functional Analysis, Operator Theory and Approximation Theory including the applications of these fields in other areas such as partial differential equations, integral equations, numerical analysis and stochastic analysis.

A special session will be dedicated to Professor Giuseppe Mastroianni on occasion of his 70th birthday. His scientific and academic work will be briefly illustrated during this session.

Suggested topics include:

Banach spaces, Banach lattices, function spaces.
(Positive) linear operators.
Semigroups of (positive) linear operators and evolution equations.
Approximation in Banach spaces and in function spaces.
Approximation by (positive) operators, interpolation, polynomial approximation.
Approximate quadratures and integral equations.
Constructive approximation.
Orthogonal polynomials.

The scientific program will consist of plenary lectures (50 min.) and short communications (15-20 min.).

The abstracts of all contributions and the program of the meeting will be available on the Web page of the Conference and on a booklet which will be distributed at the beginning of the meeting.

It is expected that the Proceedings of the Conference will be published.