Plenary lectures

- Jürgen Appell, Würzburg, Germany
Some approaches to the p-Laplace operator
- Gilles Godefroy, Paris, France
The geometry of Muntz spaces
- Niels Jacob, Swansea, United Kingdom
Partial differential equations of higer order and random fields
- Mikio Kato, Kitakyushu, Japan
Some recent results on Banach space geometry
- Lech Maligranda, Luleå, Sweden
Structure of Cesaro function spaces
- Francisco Marcellan, Madrid, Spain
Orthogonal polynomials on the unit circle: Spectral transformations and integrable systems
- Gradimir V. Milovanovic, Novi Beograd, Serbia
Some classes of generalized quadratures: construction and analysis
- Giovanni Monegato, Torino, Italy
Integral equation formulations of some 2D contact problems
- Ben de Pagter, Delft, The Netherlands
Derivations on algebras of operator valued functions
- Lars-Erik Persson, Luleå, Sweden
Some new developments concerning characterizations of weighted multidimensional Hardy type integral inequalities
- Daniel Potts, Chemnitz, Germany
Efficient reconstruction of functions on the sphere from scattered data.
- Ioan Rasa, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
C0-Semigroups and iterates of positive linear operators: asymptotic behaviour
- Bernd Silbermann, Chemnitz, Germany
Banach algebras of structured matrix sequences and topics in asymptotic spectral theory
- Jozsef Szabados, Budapest, Hungary
Eighteen years of cooperation with Giuseppe Mastroianni - A survey
- Vilmos Totik, Szeged, Hungary and Tampa, USA
The polynomial inverse image method
- Peter Vertesi, Budapest, Hungary
My Italian Connections